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Hi All. I have had the MyDMX Go device for a few years but am just now using it. As you can guess the firmware is old. The MyDMX Go app is on an Ipad. Of course I am told to update the firmware via USB. So I download the Hardware Manager onto my PC, (no Mac) connect the device via USB and launch the Hardware Manager and nothing. It does not see any device. Windows is up to date. any suggestions?  Thank you


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Try this, plug the cable into the computer, but do not plug in the USB C end to the computer, open the hardware manager software, then hold down the "D" button on the GO hardware while you plug in the USB C part and hold it until something pops up in the HWM window or for probably about 5 seconds.

Let me know. Maybe also try re-installing the drivers? Or look in windows Device manager to see if it shows up as a "!" unknown device? 

When I do this, the lights on the go device blink fast at first, then when I release the D button, the flashing slows. The channel window flashes and the green USB and WiFi lights flash. I have restarted my PC and checked for drivers.

Question... when installing the hardware App, I am asked if I want to uninstall drivers. I have installed both ways. Still nothing on the hardware screen. No device found.

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