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Hello, My name is Brian

I have recently purchased the WMX1 unit. I am not up to speed with DMX but had bought ADJ Lighting and a controller in the past couple of years and got so frustrated trying to figure it out, I just gave up and made slaves out of some of the lights and put them on auto pilot.

I am hoping to get some control over my lights with this unit. I need a few simple step by step instructions to get started. I have registered the WMX1 unit and downloaded new firmware etc. I plugged it in and had lights strobing and dissolving etc. but with no real understanding and control.

Alright, Here we go.

I have 4 ADJ Mega Par Profile Plus fixtures and 4 ADJ Mega Hex Par fixtures.

I want to know what the settings should be on each of these units and if I can daisy chain them all together with DMX Cable. (Specific settings for the Mega Hex and the specific setting for the Mega Par)

Then can I run my DMX cable out of Channel B or D and plug it into the first fixture of all the daisy-chained fixtures?

If we’re on the right track so far then I will need to start a new project and add these two fixtures. (I think?)

What I want to achieve is being able to control all of my Mega Hex Pars simultaneously and separate from the Mega Pars. So in other words having 2 groups of four of the same fixture all operating the same as a group.

Group A four Mega Pars

Group B four Mega Hex Pars.

I guess I also run them at their full channel modes?

Mega Hex Par            12 Channel Mode

Mega Par Profile Plus          10 Channel Mode

So I’m sure this is pretty basic stuff for you, but the logic of how this all works really escapes me and I found that it’s not very intuitive.

I really need HELP.

Please let me know what steps I should take to achieve this grouping/control.

Thanks You!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi! I will try to make this simple up front, and then we can go more in depth after what I tell you next.
Plug in all of your lights and cable them either in one long DMX run, or run them in groups like you said using two outputs on the WMX1, and then watch this playlist.
I don't think you really need the full channel mode, just color mixing dimmer and strobe really, as the macros you will not need nor have easy direct access too on the WMX1 unless you build Live Edits (watch the tutorials to learn what that is)
I would maybe even start small, with one of each par.
Hope this helps.

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I would say try not to get too far ahead of yourself first, stick with the 2 lights on their own address and then learn from there if you have the time.
I would also say, you didn't pay as much as you did to only patch in two fixtures across a total of 8.... I would individually address all of them, there are even some effects that will group the fixtures so it looks as if 2 or more are doing the same thing..

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