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I've had problems, all along, with myDMXGo. Yes, I know how to change channels, have installed channel sniffers (on my droid tablet), updated app(s) and firmware and even bought an amplified antenna off ebay. It appeared to be working at home but when I got to the gig it never would connect. Tried to connect it USB to my PC (to change channels) but couldn't even find the device.

A few months back, one of the tech support guys from ADJ told me they had some hardware problems on some of the early boxes and that they could send me a replacement. Can anybody here tell me how to do that? I'm at the end of my rope and about to throw this %#@$@ thing in the garbage. 

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Hey Rick,
Sorry to hear that you are having a problem connecting to your MYDMX Go. Usually, when one experiences connection issues, it is because the MYDMX Go is connected directly to some sort of DMX transmitter, or stationed close to another wireless device. Have you tried repositioning the unit away from any other devices?

If need be we can have this unit returned for a replacement evaluation. When was this item purchased?

Yes sir, I've tried practically every combination I could find. Donner connected directly to the box, 2-foot cable, 25-foot cable. In the current configuration, I eliminated the Donner altogether and hardwire-connected to the fixtures. This past weekend, the box was on my T-bar. I then brought it down to my table (using a longer DMX cable) and neither the ipad nor my direct USB (for changing the channel) could find the box. As for when it was purchased, I can't find it in my email logs but I believe this was one of the earlier boxes. I tried adopting this product fairly early. It kinda (would come disconnected all during the gigs) work but it's always been extremely buggy. If you could expedite a replacement, that would be wonderful. I really like the concept and the UI on the tablet(s). 

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