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Has anybody ever tried to use floor lighting?
I'll explain. I'm thinking of adding a cool new cheap effect that's completely original to the show and i was thinking for medium to small venues it might be possible to illuminate the low lying fog. I want to use a cool color like yellow or something. is it possible i can take my 48"dual lights and put a color gel yellow tube over one bulb in one side and mount it so that the side nearest the dance floor shades the bulb from illuminating anything above 8"? will that work? has anybody tried to do this? help! thanks
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I sometimes use floor lighting.I use a set of 4 par 38's with a four chanel sound activated chase controler or just switch them on. Having four, I can angle them across the floor to cover a wide area. Gives a real nice affect with fog. Are you talking about 48" flouresent bulbs? it might work if you can figure out a way to block all the light except the area that you want to light up. I just think that flouresent lighting spreads out too much.
I'm not sure those 48" fluorescent's would penetrate and illuminate the fog that well - they don't have much power and, as Stargazer said, they spread a lot. I'd try par 38 floods. Also, good strong pins through thick fog is a great effect and, as they go through the fog, they illuminate the rest of the fog real well too.

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But black lights in the florecent fixtures. One of the casinos here has like 100 lane bowling alley. Every Friday and Saturday they have cosmic bowling. They have half the tube in there the normal ones and the other half are black light tubes. For cosmic bowling they turn off the normal one and turn on the black lights. Its very cool. No normal light anywhere. There had to have been over 1000 5� black light tubes in there.
well i have some freetime to spand so set uot to see which one...i tried the pinspots and they looked cool but not what i wanted and the 48" are kinda washy but i found the best result was with the 38's with a small hood bulit out of some s**** 3/8" plywood to extend over the fixture so the people can't see the bulb. it looks really sweet with the hazer and the low lying fog combined. i got some pics. will try to get emm up thanks.

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