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Hi all! I hope someone can help 

I purchased mydmxgo (first time venturing into the world of dmx) 

I have 2 x adj inno spot LEDs and 6x megar tri par profiles

I watched lots of YouTube videos before connecting up, went through the entire set up process.. can control all lights perfectly. . my question is

My lights wont stop flicking, no matter what setting I try, they do all the controlled features from app just.. they flicker every 3/4 secs... and the moving heads are very jittery with their movements.

Have i missed something with the set up? 

Many thanks hope you can help 



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Hi James

I wonder if we are experiencing the same issue - have a look for my thread in the forum...

Have you addressed all of your lights on Channel 1? Have you tried addressing your lights on different channels? Does the problem persist?

I noticed that when I ran any light on channel 1, channel 1 sent out a faulty signal - even if I overrode it on the app using the channel faders (not using live mode). I also tried different cables and different fixtures, but the problem seems to be with the app or the actual hardware channel 1, not with any cables / fixtures etc. And it is only channel 1 that is faulty (that I've found anyway). For most static fixtures the first channel seems to be the level of RED light, so that would be what flickers intermittently. For your moving heads, channel 1 would probably be pan, which would then also move around intermittently...

Just a thought - I hope you get to the bottom of it?

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