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No. The S-4A is a DMX device that is designed to work with a totally different set of strobe units.

If you have the Flash Shot DMX, you don't need the S-4A controller, because you already have the control IN the fixture, and teh S-4A doesn't send out additional DMX.

The S-4A is designed specifically for controlling up to 24 Super Strobe, S-100A and Snap Shot (right off the S-4A product page).

The S-4A can do some neat things that you could do via DMX though, but with this unit, it's easier, but again, it's not for DMX strobes.
Thats what i figured but i wasn't sure, im running them on a stage desk 16 dimmer board and they work just fine but that's a really big board for strobes and i wanted something smaller and simple to just flash the strobes. and i also want to free up the board so i can run my dimmer packs. I prefer to run the strobes separately from the DMX controller im using for my scanners. Anyone have any other suggestions for some small 3 channel DMX controller that would work for this ? BTW im using the OBEY 40 controller and its a piece of crap. it works but the quality is more of a cheap toy. I want to invest in the Show Designer 2cf and i guess that would solve all my problems but its still over 1400.00.
Have you maybe considered MyDMX software? Or maybe Compu Show or Compu Live software solutions?

I don't exactly udnerstand what your problems are, outside of it sounds like you just need a better controller. On the plus side, you're to a point where you're finding limitations within your equipment that you can identify and can then therefore intelligently look for a good solution for. So, in those regards, congratulations on your progress. Too bad no matter which what you go next, it's an outlay of more cash. Ah, this industry, always requiring fresh money to feed it!
Thanks for all your feed back. I reprogrammed my stage desk 16 so i can just run the strobes and the dimmer packs on there and it works just fine. I really don't want to do any more computer anything since if there is a 1 % chance something wont work it will happen to me. I guess im old school since ive used hardware controllers for 10 years. Yes I knew I needed a better controller even before I bought this one but I had no idea just how bad the little boards are. Im sure I would be completely happy with the show designer 2 so i will just make that my next investment.just for the fun of it , if anyone cares to know why I dislike the Obey 40 so much here is a list of whats wrong with it. 1, there is no logical way to change from running scenes to shows without turning it off and back on. 2, the buttons are so cheap sometimes I have to press them 3 or 4 times to get a response.3,there is no way to know what scene or show your actually running since the display does 10 things at the same time,4, when selecting fixtures to override, no matter which button I press the first fixture stops responding until I deselect it and re select it. 5, the tap sync has never worked correctly. it might be in the programming but who really knows.6, the quality of the sliders is a joke and there is almost no way to add small fade times its either 0 or 14 but there is no way to fine adjust anything in between.bla bla bla my point is its a toy nothing more I cant believe they actually sell it at all.
Well, I won't argue about the hardware/software thing. I am a computer/IT/Datacomm guy, as well as MAINLY an audio guy, and I love analog consoles. They flat out JUST WORK.

But, I've had wonderful results with MyDMX, and at such a low cost, I mean, it's pretty much a home run. But, there's always that 1% chance no matter which route we choose, be it software or hardware.

You're also not the first one to complain about the Obey-series of DMX controllers here, you're just more specific other than the normal "not pleased with it" type of comments.

Since my shows often involve moving heads and complex color changes, software is the way for me, no 2 ways about it. But I ain't going to argue with someone who prefers a console. I've been doing audio almost entirely in an analog realm for 28 years and frankly, I like it. But, I gotta move to a digital desk to remain competive and I know what I want. Man, if I could just get some product endorsement deals, it would really help my business along.

Also, with LED stuff, honestly, unless you're jumping up to decent lighting desks, software is definately much better. Of course, optimize your computer for the core application and it will help tremendously.

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