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I am completely new so maybe a newbie question but after 2 hours of searching (also on the forum) and trying I wanted to ask the question in this forum.

My MyDMX Dongle is connected to the pc (the led shows pc) and is recognised onder edit/peferences/devices (demo license). Created scenes and shows (thx DJ Fiezta!!) but I don't get the fixtures to work. When I open the hardware manager and try directly via the DMX channels everything works fine. The red powerled is on and the 2 green led's are blinking.

Are there restrictions on the demo license so that you don't get your fixtures to work with the software? Used only for creating and 3D tool or so but no real fixtures?

I hope you can help me. Much appreciated!


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Hi Jingles, thx for the quick response. I figured it out during the night (woke up and the light switched on in my head :-)). For the other newbies the mistakes I made:

1: I configured 7 fixtures (2 kinds of moving heads, 2 par lights and 1 COB bar) in the software and was testing with 2 of them. Taking one moving head for another I gave it the wrong address (of another moving head) so nothing happened. When I gave the fixture the right DMX address on the device it started working

2: the second fixture I was testing was a AFX PAR LED-118. I took a config from the library but in the software the fourth channel was marked "white" but was in fact the shutter. The light did not come on. When I looked in the manual of the fixture and turned on the "white" fader in the software ... hoppa this one worked as well.

So thx but I'm on the way now ... allthough not quite where I want to be yet :-)

Best regards,

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