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I am trying to limit my DMX channel range values in MyDMX3.0. I am using a midi controller (apc40) to control channels in mydmx3.0.

I would like be able to limit the upper and lower value of a given DMX channel.

For example: When my midi controller fader is at the bottom  (0) I would like the value for the associated DMX channel in mydmx3.0 to be 16 (instead of 0) and when my midi controller fader is at the top (127) the associated channel DMX channel value is at 249 (instead of 255) in MyDMX3.0.

On page 39 of the manual there is mention of a midi fader limit function but If I understand properly it only affects the midi out(?). I tried setting the range in the midi popup but it does not seem to affect the internal DMX value of the associated DMX channel.

As I can't figure it out, right now I limit the actual fader throw with tape. As you can imagine this is not a very elegant solution.

I would like some information on how I may set the range of a DMX channel.

Other than this little issue I am having, the program works great and we use it in our club every weekend.


Vancouver BC Canada

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I was annoyed with this last night. I was able to midi map a fader on my APC Mini MK2. I was also able to set that the fade only outputs from value 80-160 and not the entire 0-255 range. This does annoy me as I am not able to fade equally with other faders. I would love the ability to map the lower and higher values to 0-255. This would allow my fader to operate as 0-100% using the full range of the fader and not just a small imprint of the fader.

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