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the Eurolite LED KLS Laser Bar Pro isn't working as intended and many of my DJ-friends in germany have the exact same issue with a very popular fixture for mobile djs here in germany . We need a reprogamming for this bar very fast. 

Most buttons aren't doing what they should and the programmed effects look terrible. The laser isn't doing anything exept being active all the time, no chance to match it to the BPM. When I press the strobe button everything is strobing as it should but when i depress the button 1 derby is continuing to strobe. The colour effects don't match. The interplay of derbys and pars is done very badly. When i press the stop button the derbys are still rotating.

Please add a new completely reprogrammed version for this fixture, it's not suitable for any gig at the moment.

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Hi, i'm told there is an update to this profile, so you can reconnect the app to the internet and re-download the profile. We actually do have some questions about the 20ch mode on this fixture so if you could let us know:
"As the fixture manual is not clear, we are not sure how ch20 is meant to work. If they can try it as the profile is, and report back if the beams are outputting white. If they are not outputting white, can they manually lock the sub fader for ch20 to ‘0’manually and report back what is the outcome of each."

Hi, are you talking about the 28ch mode, because their is no 20ch mode for the PRO version of this fixture. I updated my MyDMX GO today and it's still not working as intended. Here is the link to the right manual: 


One perfect solution would be to add one profile for each fixture on the eurolite kls laser bar pro in the MyDMX GO app by default (KLS Laser FX Bar Pro - Derby, KLS Laser FX Bar Pro - Spot, ... ) rather than one profile for whole fixture. Please don't tell people to use the profile builder app because their are many devices (like my galaxy 10.1) that are compatible with the MyDMY GO app but not with the profile builder app.

That's exactly what your support team offered as the best solution for the fixture, but i can't do this because my galaxy 10.1 isn't compatible and my freinds use the galaxy 10.1 as well:

"Download the profile builder app and create different profiles for the different fixtures
It is very easy to do
One profile is not enough to be able to recreate chases etc...

Derbies and Spots have the same profiles so create a new profile, name it KLS Derby with the following channels :
Channel 1 Red
Channel 2 Green
Channel 3 Blue
Channel 4 Strobe : subdivised (Press +PRESET) in ? 000-009 and Strobe 010-255
Channel 5 ? name it Derby Rotation subdivised  in ? 0-4, Rotation clockwise 5-127, No Rotation 128-133, Anticlockwise Rotation 134-255

Then create a second profile to patch after the first one and name it KLS Lasers
Channel 1 : ? Change the name to  : Red Laser add Preset Closed 0-4 Open 5-9 Strobe 10-255
Channel 2 : ? Change the name to  : Green Laser add Preset Closed 0-4 Open 5-9 Strobe 10-255
Channel 3 : ? Change the name to  : Laser Rotation add Preset ? 0-4, Rotation clockwise 5-127, No Rotation 128-133, Anticlockwise Rotation 134-255

Create a third profile, name it KLS Strobe LEDs 
Channel 1 : ? Change the name to  : Strobe LEDs add Preset Closed 0-4 Open 5-9 Strobe 10-255

Create a fourth profile, name it KLS UV LEDs 
Channel 1 : ? Change the name to  : UV LEDs add Preset Closed 0-4 Open 5-9 Strobe 10-255

Now, in MyDMX Go you will habe to patch :
4 x KLS Derby
1 x KLS Lasers
4 x KLS Strobe LEDs

Rotation will be controlled by the Gobo rotation"

Please add the single profiles to the MyDMX GO app so that one can patch it as 10 fixtures rather than just 1, but please name them "KLS Laser Bar Pro Derby", "KLS Laser Bar Pro Laser", "KLS Laser Bar Pro Strobe LED" and "KLS Laser Bar Pro UV LED"  because there is a non-Pro version and not naming it correctly could cause issues.

Kind Regards,

DJ Alex Finger

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