Eurolite LED KLS Laser Bar Pro

Hello ADJ,

the Eurolite LED KLS Laser Bar Pro isn't working as intended and many of my DJ-friends in germany have the exact same issue with a very popular fixture for mobile djs here in germany . We need a reprogamming for this bar very fast. 

Most buttons aren't doing what they should and the programmed effects look terrible. The laser isn't doing anything exept being active all the time, no chance to match it to the BPM. When I press the strobe button everything is strobing as it should but when i depress the button 1 derby is continuing to strobe. The colour effects don't match. The interplay of derbys and pars is done very badly. When i press the stop button the derbys are still rotating.

Please add a new completely reprogrammed version for this fixture, it's not suitable for any gig at the moment.

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Hi, i'm told there is an update to this profile, so you can reconnect the app to the internet and re-download the profile. We actually do have some questions about the 20ch mode on this fixture so if you could let us know:
"As the fixture manual is not clear, we are not sure how ch20 is meant to work. If they can try it as the profile is, and report back if the beams are outputting white. If they are not outputting white, can they manually lock the sub fader for ch20 to ‘0’manually and report back what is the outcome of each."

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