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so im learning this whole mapping thing by myself and coupla questions i have but before that, this thing is bugging me .... im creating a new midi map from zero and i haven't assigned any eq buttons . but i noticed that the eq is on by default for both decks A and B on is midlog 2 by default :S huh ?!

is it a bug , ?
coz now i cant assing sepearte eqs for deck A and B and im in trouble !
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Check the manual for how to set the VMS4 in to Pre or Post EQ mode.

In Pre mode the VMS4 processes the EQ and it is ignored by the software (incl dial movement). In post mode the EQ is controlled by the software AND (I believe) the VMS4 so you get double the EQ.

Obviously this only applies to channels in USB mode. Analog channels simply use the VMS4 EQ.


a) check if the channel is in Analog or USB mode
b) check if your VMS4 is in Pre or Post EQ mode


all channel are on usb and i believe pre eq coz i read about the post and haven done or changed anything ...

shall i change it to post ??

PS im on traktor , but on VDJ LE works just fine everything ... i thought i show some may be helpful pics ...

-got the RCA connected from the master to the AUX input on my MAUDIO monitors..

- an heres the CF assignments

note: iv put both on channel 2 coz if i put one on 2 and the otehr on 3, if i xfade to teh right no sound comes up , so both are playing on teh lefts side but if i put it both on 2 i can easily hear deck a on left side and deck b on right ....
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