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Hi all,

When I eject a CD from the PS2, the CD comes out just a tiny little bit, i have to pull it the rest of the way. I can hear the ejection motor continue to try and push the CD out. I have 2 PS2's and the other does not do this.

Is this something I can fix? Where can I get this fixed in vacouver Canada?


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It happens sometimes with different CD's, sometimes CD's are pressed are a little thicker or thinner then others. You won't damage the unit by taking it out. I also know of a cleaning method for the rollers that may help, but I'll have to check with support before I post it, because technically any repair attemted by a user can void the warranty. Although with my system you don't need to take anything apart, and is safe, and works, but I won't post it till I get the OK. Merry X-mas.

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