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I just bought my dmx program and I am stopped in the first stage because I can not find my device Characteristics in the scan library.

I have eight LED Pars Ghost - Par 64 LED RGB DMX LED with 280 led with 5 channels dmx. I want to control it with mydmx. Despite my various searches, I did not find the profile to include in the scan librairy. Does anyone have this profile or that of another type of device with the same characteristics?Thank you for your help.
This is a site where you can fin the model.

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Proris, Welcome to the forums. I will actually need a Link to the Product manual in PDF or perhaps you could scan the DMX traits that came with the paper manual when you bought the lights? The link you provided does not have any .PDF I can read to get the Traits to make a profile. I need the DMX traits chart to make the profile for your lights. If you have any questions or need an example of a DMX trait chart please let me know.

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