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I have a couple of questions. If I run two inno pocket spot, with a single dmx-cable between, they are synced up pretty good in sound active mode. However if I run them in a dmx-chain and set them both to sound active in mydmx 2, they doesn’t really sync any more. Their movements are close to perfect but colors and gobos are out of sync. Of course I could remove them from dmx and use the remote control but that could interfere with other fixtures. I will also lose the control over them. It is the same story for a lot of other adj-fixtures I got. Pocket rolls, inno roll hp etc.

My best solution so far is to use mydmx -> dmx splitter -> a cable to each fixture type. When all cables are connected they are controlled with dmx and when I remove one cable from the splitter, that “group” goes to sound active mode, master and sl1’s.

Is there a better solution?

Also, working with the effects generator and 10-20 fixtures is a pain, is there any possibility to download the internal programs that are already in the fixtures? Like a scene for mydmx?

Since mydmx only run one scene at the time, is it possible to run multiple scenes with multiple interfaces and/or multiple dmx-universes? Or can you recommend an other product that will work? Or even better, will “mydmx 3” handle multiple scenes? That can’t be to hard to fix Smiler

Sorry for bad English!

/Micke, Sweden
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It seems that what you want is not possible. And this is simply cause if you control with a solution like MyDMX 2.0 this is the master. So if you give all your fixtures the instruction to use sound control, it's the sound control of the individual fixture. From the central management approach you would need to have a sound controlling MyDMX 2.0 to the have a common behaviour. But this is not available in the ADJ MyDMX 2.0 solution. Which is a bit strange, as DJs typically want to sync light to music.
• Easy-to-use DMX software
• 512 DMX channels
• Extensive fixture profile library
• SSL2 Profile editor & support
• Drag and drop effects generator
• Works with simple scenes/steps
• Windows and Mac installers that will download the latest ssl library with an internet connection upon install.
• “Maintenance” application that installs with the program to check for component updates or new versions of the software.
• “Cloud search for profiles” Search for the latest and greatest fixture profiles from within the program itself, no more hunting through dropbox
• Improved multi Pan and Tilt support
• Users can select multi select steps in a scene and modify a channel parameter without it interfering with the rest of the channels
• Vast optimizations and stability improvements for both Windows and Mac OS
• Not compatible with ARM based Windows tablets (only Intel)

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