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Just getting my feet…

I have just purchased a DMX Operator and I have quite a few intelligent lights right now. I am wondering if there are any examples out there to give me a head-start on getting some scenes programmed.

For example, I have 4 Dj Scan 250HP's – and I want to set a scene with just them. Is there any manual or forum topic that might explain the overall process to me (besides the product manual's themselves)? I have been reading through the 250HP's manuals and the Operator manual, but it is a little confusing right now and I would like to make some kind of progress.

I am getting a little bit lost with all assigning of channels and dip switches...

Once I get a little clarification I should be able to get going with it all.

Any help would be great…
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is not that hard once u have everythig set up and ready to go. as long as ur set up doesn't require you to change addresses a lot then once it is ready to go it stays that way. if u have a adj op 192 ur addresses chould be as follows. scan 1 is 1. scan 2 is 17. scan 3 is 33. and scan 4 is 49. so what all do u need help with? i have an op 192 so i can help ya. peace! jingles.
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