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I have a DMX King eDMX 1 Pro outputting a 3rd universe from Compushow. It was working fine the weekend of the shutdown. Coming back from the Covid shutdown, it does not seem to be passing DMX to my fixtures from Compushow. I updated the software to the current version on the website and still no luck. I have a Compu Cue back from the Elation days. It seems to be passing universe 1 and 2 just fine. Briefly on start up I think I see a message that says "#1 Not allowed to working with..." and that's all it shows. I don't know where to find any log files. Any ideas?

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Did we figure anything out on this? I bought this box because it was supposed to have 4 universes of DMX. Are the Artnet Universes discreet from the DMX universes? Like I said, prior to the shut down, I had three discreet universes working, 2 DMX and 1 ArtNet.

Currently, I have taken the CompuCue basic out of our Youth room to get my three universes working, but I am going to need to put that back in there soon. Is there any way to add another universe for less than $450?

Hi Compu Cue Basics never had 4 universes available at all, it is a single universe interface, it may have allowed the same single universe through artnet, but that's it. Same for the Compu Cue interface for two universes. If you need 4 universes that is the SDE interface.  but you can stack interfaces, so 2x Compu cue's could get you 4 universes and 4 mirrored artnet universes, ah OR, pick up a MyDMX Buddy and upgrade the license to Compu show and add an artnet license, that should be under 450. 

I haven't been able get anyone in the office with access to a Cue to test, short staffed due to the COVID situation. 

I think I may have miscommunicated or something. I had a CompuCue in the youth room. I took it from the youth room to get my third universe. I am stacking two interfaces. My regular CompuCue has always given me three universes, and I believed that there was an option for fourth. There used to be a seven universe one back in the elation days, but that’s not the one I bought, I bought the step down from that one. After I bought that one, and liked it, I bought a CompuCue basic for my youth room. I will look into the my DMX buddy option.

I want to be clear, I’m not angry. I still like the software quite a bit, and it’s VERY powerful, so I really am not inclined to make a change. I just am trying to get that third universe working again. The reason I need it is I have the fixtures in the room divided into zones.

Well we don't want anyone to be angry either, so that's good. I am talking to one of the hardware techs at the developers and we should have something for you to try soon, they say using ONE compu CUE interface with 2 physical universes plus one additional over artnet "Should work" So...... we are investigating.

Try this release, you may need to do a firmware update via Hardware manager that installs with the software to get the artnet working again. This will give you a August 2019 date. 


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