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Hi All!

Firstly, loving the simplicity of MyDMXGo - a great way to learn about DMX and get moving heads working in sync! Really adding a lot to my light show!

But, I have noticed some odd behaviour, seemingly only with the channel 1 output from the controller.

The 1st channel from the MyDMXGo controller seems to be faulty / intermittent. I am using DMX cables, and a terminator, and have tried short, single runs to a simple fixture - a Mega Par in 4 channel mode (R,G,B,Dim) - and also tried using different fixtures of the same type in the same configuration.

During the Live option in the app (Android), I noticed the RED fixture colour flickering intermittently. That's the output from Channel 1. If I go into Fixtures, and override the channel settings - say set red anywhere from 1-255, it flickers. Almost like Channel 1's signal is faulty. For example, send the value of 128 to Channel 1, the fixture goes red at half intensity, but flickers on and off intermittently (NOT strobing).

If I change the address of the fixture to start at channel 2, and also set the fixture to start at channel 2 from the MyDMXGo controller software setup, the problem disappears. Ie, now sending a value of 128 to Channel 2 will make the fixture turn red at half intensity, and not flicker intermittently. All the remaining channels seem to work - it's just channel 1 that seems to be at fault.

Is this a faulty controller? App? Is this a known bug? Should I get my agents to swap out the hardware controller? Has anyone else also experienced this?

Please help - it's not a MAJOR issue, because I can address fixtures from Channel 2 to 255 (ignoring channel 1), but for some of my employees it can create a headache if they are unaware of it...

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Hi, Thank you for your feedback on this, it is not the first time we have heard of channel one acting up, and we are looking into this and trying to replicate it in house. If we do arrive at a fix for this, we will announce it here on the forum as well as on our ADJ branded social media pages. 

If we have any questions for you in our testing we will let you know. Thank you for your feedback again. 

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