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I’m having an issue where the pallet doesn’t matchup with the actions so instead of color, it’s actually at the pan and tilt along with the strobe bing the dimmer. What’s a good fix for this?

at one point I could option click, and it would populate the drop-down for DMX mapping, but it stopped working for some reason after two clicks.

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so to me that says either wrong profile, wrong channel mode, or wrong address, maybe something moved in your patch or a setting on the light itself got changed.
Did it ever work right? there is no bug that the software could do that would make the light behave like that, it's got to be an issue with patch, address or channel mode etc...

Ok, no problem. the pocket pro fixture has been out and its profile is verified by us as working correctly, you really just need to ensure it's starting address and channel mode MATCH what is patched into the software, so if the light is patched at address say 31, and in 12ch mode, the lights menu system must be set up to match that same address and operating channel mode so the faders to match up and visually make sense when operating it.
Hope this helps.

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