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So I was working on the slimpar 56's applying effects in the generator and it made the app crash. I was unable to start up the software every singly time after that. I rebooted my mac, and that helped. I was able to at least open up the software, but my light show would not load with start up (I have it to load the last saved show). Every timed I tried to load my saved show, it would crash. Do you think when the app crashed, it corrupted my dlm file? I only had made up about 10 shows, but it would really suck if it corrupted the file and I have to start over. Any suggestions?
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Ok. Thanks. I got your email. It crashed Frowner
I have sent your file and the profile I made for you to our engineers. It could be Monday or Tuesday at the latest they could have a fix for this if they can uncorrupt your file or tell us what happened.
But you didn't use any character like $ % _ - or anything like that when you named any of the scenes right?
Thanks for the help. I'm going to have to start all over because I can't wait till Monday/Tuesday. I have a Wedding & a boat party this weekend that I'm doing lighting for, and I was building scenes for those events. At least I'm able to open the software and work on it. As for naming the scenes, I didn't give them any symbol characters to name any of them. Everything was fine, until I was working with the slims in the generator. The scene generator is mainly where all the cashing has been happening to me. I'm just going to stay away from it till it becomes more stable.
Hello Everyone,
there was a recent update for the software, please verify that your cop is up to this by...
delete the program off of your mac completely (drag the show files and the program into the trash) then, down load the most recent install of the program (link bellow) and reinstall the software with the dongle plugged into the computer. Once installed, open and re-create a your show from scratch. This should correct the issue.

The recent update you guys posted was working for me for a week or so and, with no changes to my computer at all, the problem has come back. I am running the current build and am back to square one with the dlm file crashing when loading. Strange, I know, but it's back. I know you are working on the next build but I wanted you to know what's happening.

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