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I haven't had any problems with the customer service. Jingles just has more time than the rest of the employees to check the forums. Also he is the moderator and is basically required to post (sort of, not really). But the ADJ customer service so far has been great to me. I don't e-mail anyone, I just call them. The phone lines are never busy (from my experience) and the receptionist is nice! Try calling them and see what you get. Can I ask what you are having problems with? Maybe we can help you here!

hey nihgtraven! thanks! ya i would really cal them on monday about all the issues you have brought up with me. im not really sure why but all the ADJ people usually are not on the forums. they are all busy doin phones and stuff. i would really just call them using the tool free number on the site. i did forward your emails from last time. still no response??? sincerely,

While I believe this may have once been a bustle of activity, there's not much at the moment that will change how it is now.

I know there was an older web forum, which I was a member of, and then a lengthy downtime during the transition to this software, which for some reason also involved migrating the existing web forum content, and thankfully the user database. Not sure, but I think that long downtime really zapped things down several notches.

Also, in the "&*%@ or get off the pot" category, outside of you personally, it is a rare site to see ADJ staff/employees/support actually online here. People ask questions TO support, and nothing happens.

For example, I had a motor blow on my DoubleTwist, and I asked questions, but people were ignoring it like it was an 800 pound gorilla, occasionally throwing a bit of poop, hoping it would get bored and go away.

Well, I did get bored, and took a calculated risk and both a motor for a Mini-Gressor, which worked just fine with a small modification to the power connection(different socket, just move wires). Come on, this wasn't rocket science. I did not have the time to call, as I use "down time" to visit this forum or else I'm on a phone call with a client.

The best thing is for you to keep doing what you're doing. Hopefully other full and part timers on their payroll can pick up some slack and get active around here as well.

On a side note, and many others have had different experiences, my experience with telephone tech support has been fine. No complaints at all. So, clearly the quality of support is there, just not in all avenues of support. If it's an emergency or big enough deal, people will call. And those are the priority customers. I know how it works. That's how I live.

I never did get my DMX Operator training DVD. But I'm sure those are long gone. Since I can program mine now(thanks to the manual), I do have the resources to experiement with how the whole thing works together.

One thing is that "users make the best support resource", which is true. Engineering thinks one way, and their experiences cover what they think is gonna do the job. Users have more and different perspectives, coming up with unusual solutions that might be just fine. However, support shouldn't fall back on that.

As long as ADJ doesn't get abusive with me, I'll keep being a client. I don't see ADJ ever getting abusive with me, so I don't expect to stop being a client for a long time. Send me my printed catalog and DVD once a year so I can evaluate, and I'm a happy dude right now. And they do, when I order it. Fair enough.
i agree. not to sound big headed or anything but me and a few other (you too Chris) have been a basis for the online support success of ADJ for me at least for a year now. others probably a little bit longer. i think if we just keep doing what we are doing it will pick up. it already has. there is a increased volume of posts and while it goes up and down it has picked up since we came back online. oh and the previous forums (elation too) were hacked somehow and that is why they were down for such a long time. I'm too sure which one came back online first. but oh well they are back. kinda rambling here so thanks chris! sincerely,
One of the big things that is a strength for me and not needing much help from technical support is me being involved in pro sound for, well, longer than many of the users of this forum have been alive. I don't need manuals to figure out most stuff.

Case and point: Went from a Soundcraft 6000 console, then to my first little mixer, my Mackie 1604VLZ. Didn't really need a manual, it packed less features and it was laid out well. Aquired a ProMix01, which did require manual reading because digital boards are not all obvious. Moved up from a puny 16-channel to my much adored Allen & Heath ML 5000 48B, a 76 channel analog board. All I needed help with was assigning VCA's.

With lights, I can't say much. Gee, what do I need to know about a Sunray III? It's either ON or OFF, don't go in between! My other fixtures in the same category? Same issue. Not terribly difficult once you wrap your head around some basics.

Most lighting manuals are written for the beginners. I commend ADJ for doing this. It must cut some time and costs off of technical support. While some folks may be offended by the "dumbed down" manuals, I find it easier to scim the newie-type stuff and go right to the technical specs.

Now, 2 things I learned about my Color Fusions came from here, NOT the manual. First, DO NOT change DIP switch assigned DMX channels while the fixture is ON and expect it to work. Power off, change and power on. Or, if you do it live, then power cycle after change. Oh, and just a recap, even using DMX cables and terminator(total cable length less than 20 feet from controller to terminator), the units do NOT strobe in sync, they are like out of phase with each other. BUT: perfectly out of phase(1 on, 1 off). TO me: The strobe was never a marketable feature to me but now with this "error", I got a cool effect. Happy mistake! ADJ made a tiny error, I've found it wiht this paid and instead of slamming ADJ for it, I can exploit this and have a unique side to side pulsing action. Yeah, beat that!

With so many other channels for support, such as other pro A/V forums, usenet and mailing lists, it seems only the more "die hard" come to this one. That's
Uh oh! Looks like I opened up that can of worms again.

I'll make it up to you ADJ! My client is catching up and I am gonna set aside money to get 8 LEd Par 64 Pro's(and maybe one day I'll get the name right too!) and 2 T-bars. I can't wait to retire those Par 38's from the main rig. I ain't giving them up either.
Not going into excessive details here, but I'm sure I'll mess that up, I usually do.

Me, my life and my business lives and dies on the PHONE. Yes, I'm an audio guy. I own FULL service sound production company(sound, lights, recording both studio and on-site, video and more) and a data communications company. You'd think I'd handle a lot via email, but I don't. I'm a phone guy. Mind you, my web server and email server are in my computer room and I admin them as well. so, I'm definately a wire-head.

When I need help, I ain't gonna sit around waiting for email. I'm gonna call. I am the type who gets results and answers. In some cases, when I'm calling, that means someone(as in where I am calling) is going to lose their job. Why? Treat me bad, I take you down. Period. Anger me and I'm on the phone with a VP or CEO giving them earfull. I may be a small little nobody, but people QUICKLY realize that "oh hey, don't screw with this guy".

Now, my experiences with ADJ have been what I would say on the upper end of the scale overall. I find that when dealing with pro audio and entertainment related equipment makers, I have gotten nothing short of excellent customer service, FOR THE MOST PART. I call up Shure, Audio Technica, Audix, Sennheiser, AGK, Mackie, Allen & Heath and any other brand I use and like, I get people jumping all over the place to help me out. With ADJ, my wose case was being on hold for maybe 5 minutes while the right person became available. Whas it worth the wait? I'll wait 5 minutes. Yes, it was. The question was thoroughly answered. It was for a discontinued product, but they still answered it and my next call was across the country to ORDER that light from a dealer I like to use for it.

And some day soon, I'll go back over this thread and once again email off for the DMX Operator training DVD. I'm holding that as a negative, so don't sweat it.

Now, let's compare for a moment with a direct competitor. Chauvet. Now, ADJ has a competing product, perhaps it was the Accuscan 250. Compare that to the Chauvet Intimidator Color. Why did a choose a competitor's product? 3: Size, more colors, better price. Elsewhere I've described issues with those lights. But let me not go totally off. When calling Chauvet Lighting, I did not get the "warm and fuzzy" feeling compared to calling ADJ. I felt I was bothering someone, which I probably was.

I bought the ADJ Color Fusions. I originally wanted a Chauvet product, but I couldn't get that due to Hurricane Katrina issues(couldn't ship to me at the time). Spent $20 more per unit to go ADJ. Kind of irks me that they can't have it ship from another dealer or distributor. Odd how I can get ADJ any time, anywhere, any place, even if it's got to ship.

Now, not to knid of get on a soap box, but looking at other stuff, I need to order the latest ADJ catalog for lights. Comparing the catalogs, I like how the ADJ catalog is laid out better. I need this paper catalog to really think about things. I write notes on it, decide what to get. It's like a workbook. The Chauvet catalog? Well, I didn't like it. Plus, the ADJ videos really help me a LOT most of the time. No DVD from Chauvet.

Take it to the next level, even the ADJ web site is better laid out. With Chauvet, you have to have a better knowledge of their products to find the product. While ADJ's isn't perfect either, it is better laid out. When the ADJ site itself falls a bit short, they put a search function. Bottom line, I can find what I want via the ADJ site. On the Chauvet sight, it does look neat, but it doesn't function as I would prefer. I like fast and efficient. ADJ's site looks nice, functions great and is fast and efficient.

Unless ADJ simply doesn't carry or make what I'm looking for, only then will I go outside ADJ lighting. I'll spend the extra money. Why? Goes to a company that I feel backs their products better. And if ADJ doesn't have what I'm looking for, I'm going to contact ADJ FIRST and see if they will be offering it. I have open channels of communication with ADJ, and I intend to use them when I need to.

This stuff isn't like buying a SPECIFIC item. I mena, if you want a specific item, such as a microphone, then you can shop around by lowest price if you want as long as it's a quality product. Sometimes you have to take something other than just bottom line price into consideration. Considering how much I spend on gear, my purchase decisions are not cut and dry.

With ADJ, I have seen excellent customer service. Whatever they are doing, I urge them to continue it. For those not feeling email and the forums are not as responsive as you would like, pick up the phone. I put ADJ's number in my phone. Never know when I will need it. Hasn't been often, but I'm not taking it out.

So, can I have a product endorsement?

I got the largest Allen & Heath console in Northern California. You think they'd give me a shout out! Nope, but their customer service kicks serious butt too! Let's put it this way, that made my next console purchase decision easy except for the money.
Will do in the AM. I shut down the mail server at night to thwart the spammer-vermin.

Even without and endorsement, I'm sticking with ADJ products. I am choosy and know what I like. And when I find what I like, I stick with it. I'm kind of stubborn line that!

Oh, anothe over-due story for customer service:
My FogStorm 700, my first fog machine, was a stinker of a machine. As in, the machine just made stinky fog. ADJ gave me the RMA, sent me out a new one. Only bad thing was their service, as they informed me, would take 6 weeks, and I had a show dump in my lap and needed a replacement. Well, now I have two Fog Storm 700's! ADJ was early getting the replacement to me. Less than 3 weeks turn-around. Satisfied customer!

Chauvet: Had an issue with the Q-Spot 150's. Was told it was my fault. My issue? I only know I had the fixtures over a year before really getting to know and use them. That type of delay is nothing unusual to me. Regardless, customer service differences. Of course, I'm handling this via email. I stopped dealing with it. They work, I'm living with it.

If anyone's in the Sacramento area, you can check out my rig.

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