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okay, so i have been working on reprogramming my lights to work with what i have for a controller and my lights until i can afford better. the next thing that i would really like to do is, if possible, change the movement speed from fast to slow. i would rather the fader go from slow to fast so when i am using the master fader it will not start jumping around at first and then slowly changing to slow. let me explain exactly what i mean. on fader 7 there are auto movements programmed into the scanner. fader 8 controls the speed of the movement of the auto. the speed starts at top speed and then goes to slow. is there any way to reverse this?
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I am not sure which controller you are using, but you might be able to edit the profile on the light to reverse this. I don't know if you will be able to do this however, since I have only done this on high end consoles before. Ultimately, what you do is reverse the console reading, so instead of 0>255 it would be 255>0, meaning it starts at 255 and fades down to 0.
okay, i really doubt that i can do it. i just have an eliminator basic controller. i would guess that i will be able to do what i want once i can afford to move up to the 260. quick note: if anyone hears someone talking about the new chauvet obey series controllers and that they are advertising them to be able to control speed and fade times in individual steps/scenes, it is not true. i have spoken with them and they are calling it a 'misprint' yeah, a misprint on the box, on the manual and on the website. just don't want to have someone else having to spend a lot of time to find that out.
i have all led lighting. i recently purchased 4 chauvet colordash pars and 2 colordash batten for the front spots, fills and aimed back to the drums. i have 2 colorstrips that i put side by side behind the drums wired in a master/slave chain for effect and uplighting. i also have 2 (soon to be 2 more) of the x-scan scanners. right now i am just using an eliminator controller. i have been slowly replacing each piece that i used to have with my current and better lineup. my controller, as pointed out by this discussion, does not do what i want it to do but the new controller will have to be the last piece of the system to get replaced because the bigger and brighter show is more important to getting a gig than the little stuff i am missing with this controller. if interested you can see what my lineup looks like on this was the first show with my colordash lights and i still didn't have the two going back to the drums. that has been corrected.
I've never used a 260, but aside from that board, you may want to consider a PC controller. I personally prefer the hardware based ones, but I use a software solution to control my moving lights. I can agree with SerraAva that more advanced boards that don't really have a display can make programing and following a large light show difficult, which is why I chose a PC controller for my movers. It's a matter of personal preference and what you feel comfortable working with, so go with whatever you'd like, but most software controllers will make programming easier and allow you to get the most out of your system. I just thought I'd make the suggestion!
Does anybody use pencil and paper anymore?

When the guy who was programming the lights for the Moody Blues came into the venue, he had documented all his scenes on paper with a pen. He was able to get a console he wanted from the lighting company, who was only too happy to provide. I remember the owner playing with that console before the previous show.

(Moody Blues was travelling light, only carrying backline, in-ears, monitors and pre-recorded tracks(all 32 of them! It was a totally canned show, prop up the old farts and press play))

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