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I use MyDMX for almost a week now in a magic show in a small themepark in Holland. It is great (with some minor bugs) My assistant can change the scenes by pressing just one button (via a midi controller)

I made some small mistakes in the fixtures I made with the fixture library builder.

The big question: I can correct the fixture and overwrite the ssl file (thats easy Smiler ). Importing it to MyDMX is also simple but how can I change the fixture in MyDMX 2.0 without deleting all the programmed scenes (channel settings)?

Thanks a lot!!! Smiler

(I use the windows july 2015 version as the december version has serious problems with the 'next' function)
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Hi, no sorry. As soon as you patch a fixture to the patching grid and start to program, all the programming is tied to that fixture profile on the grid, removing the fixture from the patch gets rid of ALL programming. That is why it is always best practise to check check and check again profiles before you start using them and make changes before the programming starts. You can move that fixtures address around by dragging it around and the programming will follow but once it is deleted, it is gone.
hope this helps.
Thanks James!
Than I don't put any time in looking for a solution but in reprogramming. (I think I will add the new fixture on a new adress, than copy all the programm by hand as I can see the old next to it, than delete the old and then move the new one in place Smiler)

Thanks a lot from Holland!

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