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Ring In The New Year With New �Free� Gear!
Amercan Audio Offers Free Road Case With Purchase Of CDI 500 System

LOS ANGELES - American Audio is listening to the professional DJ community and American Audio dealers and taking �value� to the next level for 2005.

For a limited time, American Audio is offering a free road case with the purchase of its popular CDI 500 pro audio system. Valued at $209.95 retail, the case is designed to hold all of the components in the CDI 500 System, providing a convenient, secure way for DJs to haul their gear from gig to gig. Designed for the working pro, the case is made of heavy-duty materials, including an aluminum side, rugged laminate, and ball corners, to provide maximum protection to delicate gear.

The CDI 500 system itself is packed with features that will make any DJ's New Year brighter. The system includes two American Audio CDI 500 single CD players, plus a Q-D5 mixer. The CD players feature 9 exciting on-board digital FX, including digital scratching via American Audio's exclusive �PowerTouch� touch-sensitive jog wheels, along with FX layering and a digital B.P.M. counter. The Q-D5 is a 2-channel mixer with an optical crossfader that's part of American Audio's DJ SKILZ Signature Series and includes Fader Q Start when used with the CDI 500 CD players.

As part of the promotion, American Audio is offering the CDI 500 System at a very attractive price of only $999.99. This represents a sizable savings over the $1,479.85 (MSRP) that consumers would pay if the components were purchased separately - plus you get the road case at no charge!

�The bottom line is that DJs can get two pro CD players loaded with digital effects, our top of the line mixer, and the free case -- all for under $1000,� said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio. �This is a great way for DJs to outfit themselves with a new, ready-to-go audio setup, at one very affordable package price.�

The promotion is being run from January 1, 2005 through March 31, 2005. To be eligible for the free case, consumers must purchase the CDI 500 System components [two CDI 500's and one Q-D5 (silver) or Q-D5B (black)] from an authorized American Audio dealer between those dates.

The free case will be sent to the end-user directly from American Audio. The consumer simply fills out a mail-in coupon and sends it, along with copies of their sales receipt and UPC bar codes from the CD players and mixer, to American Audio. The coupon is available at participating American Audio dealers, as well as on-line at the American Audio website.

Consumers who want to locate a participating authorized American Audio dealer in their area can call 800-322-6337 or email the company at More details about the free case promotion are also printed on the mail-in coupon, which can be viewed on-line on the American Audio website.

Click here for more information and redemption coupon download
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Did you see the $999.99 system price include the case? I think it was without the case. At any rate, American Audio was not involved with any of those specials that the retailers were offering.

This is the only offical promo we are running. Technically if an end user purchased the system (including case) between Jan 1 - March 31 from a dealer, and then submitted the coupon to American Audio, they would get two cases.
It was $999.99 including a case. I just orderd mine from an authorized dealer last wee (actually got demo units for much less). There are several big name authorized dealers selling the package for $999.99 including the case. I think that is a steal at the price anyway. I don't know why you would want 2 cases, but I guess if they were free some people would be inclined to take the extra one.

Either way, great promotion and even better product!!
How are you everyone?

I am thinking about upgrading my dual cd player system this year. However, I am already having trouble deciding which system to pick.

I will like to upgrade to either of the 2 (or 3) options below:

1. VELOCITY dual CD player

2. (2)Two of the Pro-Scratch2 Single CD player

or (now that I just noticed this promotion)

3. (2) Two of the CDI-500 table top CD player.

*** I ask you help and opinion.
- What differences can be found in both the Pro-Scratch2 and the CDI-500?
- Is there more advantage on one vs. the other?
- Can you recommend an authorized dealer that is providing this promotion?

NOTE ** The only promotion I found is listed below.

System Includes:
- Two American Audio CDI-500 table top CD players
- ********* DX052 DJ mixer
- ********* HPX-2000 DJ headphones
- Patch cables
- CDI case with removable lid is sold separately

* This obviously does not qualify for the free case as the mixer is different.

* I'm definitely tempted to take advantage of this promotion. Please advise,

California, USA

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