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hi,my first post here. my question is, whats the pros and cons these 2 players against each other. other than 3 hot starts to 4 and rackmount and single deck. reason i ask is that i'm down sizing my rig and have decided to go with one or the other and just want to see if theres a more advantage of features between the 2. i'm into scratching and beat jugglin and i see theres a visual marker on the display. whats the speed of rotation on the marker? can you actually use it as a guide to flash/juggle?
if i go with the 500, i plan to get the denon x100 mixer cause of the channel fader start(not just the xfader) and its size. (can the AA signiture series do that on the faders?)
if i go with the pro1000, i plan to get ****** ppd9000 for its digital features.(although it will be a little expensive)

thanks for any help Smiler
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Both players are almost 100% identicle in terms of features. So it is best to pick witchever one you feel more comfortable with.

None of AA's battle style mixers have the fader start on the upfaders. To be honest I never really use fader start anymore, I used to alot when it first came out.

As far as a 19" mixer. You may also wish to consider the QFX 19, which has built in effects you can layer with the effects of the DCD-1000. Or the Q-spand MKII, a little less money, but has fader start on the upfaders.

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