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With those being new, it might take a bit to get a response back from ADJ on those. I'd call first thing their time in the morning and see what the sales guys have as an answer.

Let me know how those work for you. I'm in the market for some new lights, and 2-4 new movers are in the "wish list".

I think since more and more customers are getting into intel lights, I think more and more custmoers are going to want cases.
Flight cases aren't cheap. Real flight cases (1/2"; 5/8"; 3/4") are even more expensive. $500 to protect $1500 worth of lights will be will worth it once the first ding, dent, and/or scratch ends up in that case. Its not a matter of if either, but when.

Personally, these things cost way too much money and in return make me too much money to not invest in road cases. My DMX splitters for example cost around $300 a piece yet they live in a $100 Pelican. That is show critical gear and well worth the piece of mind knowing it it can be dropped in a pond and it will simply float. The other major factor is it is not always me moving my equipment around. While I may be more cautious with my own gear, someone else most likely won't. Bags are nice, but the simply don't offer anywhere near the amount of protection a road case does, be it from impacts or even the elements.

You, yourself, have to weigh these and other things when buying gear. When I buy gear, case is simply part of the gear cost and not an option. I budget my purchases as such and the cost is not a shocker or an afterthought.
Chris, I was the first in the country to get the Viz Led Spot. They air freighted them to me the next day last prom season. I love the lights.

Lots of colors and gobo's and they are light. Plus you can insert custom gobo's easy. I'm thinking about getting 2 more.. I give them a 2 thumbs up. Since I alone handle my lights, I'll look into a plastic tub with padding. I'll go look also at the Arriba AC-165 and check the price. Thanks for the tip.
For me, I'm running on shoestring budgets these days, and short on truck space too. And since I do most of my loading/prep for a show alone, well, these cases I can't lift myself means I am sorta stuck.

I won't argue the facts though. The case almost ALWAYS costs less than the gear it's protecting. And cases should be considered ALWAYS. Bags are OK, but they have their limitations as well.

For me, cases are an option, an option I rarely have the option to excercise. I wish that wasn't the case.(pardon the expression!) Since I'm struggling to survive in an area flooded by bottom feeders offering trash services for equally trash prices, I can't compete when people shop by price, not by "well, what do I get for the money". So many show promoters hire a DJ to do their sound for an event, only to realize at the last second that "uh, we're boned". Or, there's a bunch of idiots around here using my name without my permission(don't even know them) and so they are going around doing trash work and damaging my name and reputation. Since promoters don't want to give me their contact information so I can track them down and force them to stop that behavior, I'm just extra boned.

Personally, I wish I had a bigger truck, a lift gate and people not abusing my name and reputation to screw me on jobs. That way I could get a bigger truck and get cases!
Are those the rolling ones that have the luggage handle? I got those for my Q-spots. Love them! Only damage I got was thanks to former crew bashing stuff around.

I can't recall my model numbers. If it's what I think it is, it does form a "pocket" with how it has a foam pad for the top. The case stays pretty good.


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