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I'm a MyDMX 3 user and I used to be able to control my Chauvet moving heads using a Novation Launchpad Mini MIDI controller but now I'm unable to.

When I go to MyDMX3|Preferences|MIDI I can see my controller but I am not allowed to click the "Activate" box.

I also noticed that the option to go to the 3D Visualiser is greyed out even though I have already paid for a lifetime full access subscription.  Out of desperation, I went ahead and bought another lifetime full access subscription because I have a wedding gig in just a few hours....STILL doesn't work!  I believe it all has something to do with the DMXsoft SUT program that is used to install the upgrades.  It keeps crashing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, I really don't see a reason why it should not work, does the mydmx box show up at all in the program or does it mainly go to Demo mode? you could try re-installing the drivers by going to the mydmx 3 main folder on the C drive (C:\MyDMX3\driver) and run the "SiudiDriver" application and let it install the drivers once more. 

I just loaded the software at the beginning of March this year, so it should be current.   (I'll give you a more solid answer when the laptop is umburried from the transport trailer this weekend).      I had read somewhere that you needed to download extra licenses to get the visualizer and midi to work - thus going to the SUT and trying purchasing other items in hopes that something would make the visualizer and midi to start working.        The documentation on this stuff is horrid at best.          Troubleshooting, not much you can do... the visualizer is greyed out...   I can see plugged in midi devices, and the check box to turn the midi on is visible, just clicking on it doesn't do anything.     My understanding is the SUT is supposed to keep you current if you log in to the SUT store..and I was in there on a regular basis.            At this point the plan is to ask for a refund on everything before the 2 weeks go past, and nuke and pave and start with a fresh copy on a newer laptop.      One I'm using was a top of the line i7 from 10 years ago running Windows 8, hoping to have better luck with my old DJ computer which is running Windows 10 and has a graphics processor, and see if I can get it to run proper.      Issue with that computer is it errors when I try to sync the dongle... but it was running a copy of myDMX from 2 years ago...hoping that was the problem.       I had an event I need to do a show last weekend, so pressure was to just get anything up and running.    Now that the pressure is off I can take a more calm and methodical approach to get things running.          Although at this point I'm so frustrated with myDMX 3.0, seriously considering just going to either DasLight, or switching over to Compu Show which seem to have more support available.

Hi Dave, just so you know, Daslight 4 IS MyDMX 3.0 software, also compu show has been discontinued from ADJ, but you can still use it on your 3.0 box with a license upgrade, and i'm happy to help answers questions about compu show as I can.
Any license refunds need to be taken up with a support ticket on the website as the licensing and purchases aren't handled by ADJ. 
Let me know how your troubleshooting is going and i will offer advice on any issues i think i see.

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