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Think I found a bug in the software.

Have several Chauvet ColorStrip Mini's. Found the SSL2 profile and loaded it as Mode 3 (RGB Mode). Switched to Editor screen and program acted as expected and allow me to select color, dim, etc. Saved the show and exited the software.

Here is the bug. When I reopened the program and opened the saved show. The Mini was acting as if it was in Mode 1 (Flash Mode). I could not longer select colors, etc.

If I attempted to select the RGB mode, the software would not recognize the change (not sure it it would).

I repeated using one one fixture - same results.

Any help would be appreciated ...

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An additional bug.

When in RGB mode (have seen this with various fixtures) the color display for the R or the G or the B on some of the fixtures will not fill in (they show white).

The fixture appears to work as expected however this makes it difficult to "know" how the fixture will actually be working.

When is the next version going to be released with these and other items fixed?

Just got mydmx 2.0 last week. So far i'm liking the new version of the software, however, it's crashed several times on me. First crash happened when I was scrolling up and down the profile library looking for the fixture I wanted to patch in next. The program crashed a couple more times while I was doing the same thing.

Earlier today, it crashed immediately after I deleted a scene I had made. I have a wedding this coming Saturday and I'd really like to use 2.0 for this particular venue, but I still have the previous software ready to go just in case.

Can't seem to find where anyone else has posted about these particular things. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
File is dated July 3.

By the way - the About doesn't work and the On-line help goes nowhere.

(my day job is software related - I find bugs ... some version info on the about would be great)

On my problem - in the scan library there are several ColorStrip profiles available. I change to a different on - now using the one simply claled "colorstrip" and it works. So, the issue is profile related.

Is there a 2.0 profile editor available?

Another item just noticed. I'm having the same issue with Chauvet Intimidator 150 LED. If I insert it into the grid as a mode 2 (6 channel) it is ok until I save it and close the app. When I re-open it is showing as a mode 1 (11 channel and any fixtures added after the item are gone.

I assume because the 11 channel is longer than six it kicks out anything it overlaps with.

The are not other profiles to test against. I'm assuming this is another bad profile.

Hello David,
i have been trying to duplicate your issue (on the several profiles related too and including the ones you stated) and i can not duplicate the issue on my end. Can you please save your show and email me the file (email is bellow) i would be more than happy to fix this issue, but i have not been able to get my version (July3) to do the same thing...saving and reopening, saving and restarting the computer, saving shutting down and restarting, saving and opening on a different computer, saving and opening on older versions of the software....none of these ways had any issue opening up the exact profile load i had saved. None changed profiles on me the way you described. If you could save your show and send it to me, i would like to dig into your show and locate any issues. Thank you for your input
1. I've installed the Aug. 3 version but when I launc the software it says June 11 2012

1. You should add a help/about drop down for users to pull from while in MyDMX2.. (even if there are not help files availabe yet. At leastt we'll have the about info from w/in the program. Software version, If the dongle is recognized,etc. )

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I tested MyDMX 2.0 (I have bought full version with hardware on PC - 03Aug) and compared it with the MyDMX 1.0.

I must say that I am dissatisfied because MyDMX 2.0 is too unstable. Several times crashed during few minutes (I sent crash mails).

Also there missing:

- 3D View (I know that it will be in the next versions)

- Change type of display levels on the fader (DMX level, percentage level, none) - I need percentage display

Please for some update for more stable version soon as possible.

I should have read this forum before investing 300 to upgrade to MYDMX 2.0.

Here is a bug: I want the scenes to loop one time, so I sent them in the editor to "1 loop". On the user tab, the scene button indicates that the scene should loop 1 time. Unfortunately, it loops two times. If I change the number of loops to "2 loops", clicking the scene button will cause the scene to loop 3 times. Whatever the number of loops, MYDMX 2.0 will look one more time. In sum, I can't create a scene that loops 1 time.

The old myDMX didn't have this issue. Why should I pay 300 USD to give myself such headaches? And how can you release such crappy software? I'm shocked. Just shocked.

Or is this just American DJ quality? I have 4 megabar LEDs that won't work properly in 11-channel mode. American DJ even admitted that they don't work correctly, and then DID NOTHING to make amends.

Whatever, either fix this bug, or tell me how I'm being an idiot... Right now MyDMX 2.0 is unusable !

I am running the "fixed" august 3 version on Windows XP SP2.
I am really starting to agree, I can't get this to stay running in demo mode writing a show at home. What possible hope do I have that it won't crash mid way through a song and then psychotically destroy the atmosphere as it closes and reloads. This really seems like an unfinished system and needs to go back to the designers to be reworked out.

I have a show that will fit perfectly in a single window of MyDMX original, now to fit my 93 scenes with my laptops screen resolution set to 1366X768 I can only fit half the show on my screen, either that or move it to a 21 inch screen tv running at a higher resolution.

The editor function doesn't work on shows from the original version, a huge negative for upgrading. A negative you don't know until you have dropped 300 dollars for a dongle, only necessary because you changed the programming language.

You added a lot of bells and whistles in the form of a seemingly sleek interface, and easy effects generators, but compromised on the quality and craftsmanship designers are looking for. If I can't transfer a show, I need to be able to write a show, I can't write a show if every few minutes the software crashes leaving me back at square one. If this is going to be normal, create an auto-save function.

Perhaps it would have been better planning to do some beta tests with older members, who know the products and use them on a regular basis, get feedback, then release a software that will appeal to New self lighting DJs, and also the lighting designer who has to fit all of his gear in a carry-on case. It seems that you focused on one of these groups and neglected to consider the other. I will not be purchasing MyDMX 3, especially not during its first year of release. I will also suggest to lighting colleagues that they avoid your software and your services.

It may seem nit-picky, but I just want my software to work the way I would expect it to. I can transfer a Word Document from word 95 to Word 2012. I can edit an Adobe Project created in CS3, in CS5. I should be able to work on my show in 2.0, the same way that I worked with it in its original iteration, and like with creative soft-wares, upgrading should give me more options, and a faster method. Not more headaches and sickening Regrets.


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We installed the latest version (Aug 28) after a complete uninstall of the prior version, and we constantly have issues at startup where some updater is always trying to run and connect to the internet.
We do not have internet at our facility for this. How can we disable that updater?

Dear All,

Help please.
Running on my Mac, have a problem with FX generator and getting the phasing to work in the Position Effect facility. (using Clay Paky miniscan HPE's).

I read that there was a problem here, reported back in August. I have downloaded the software just a few days ago. Recently purchased.

Is this prob fixed / am I on right version of s/w / or other?

Many thanks.

PS. really like the colour effect generator, have done some really cool things with multiple fixtures flown in roof.
No other software or anti virus running. The machine is a Windows 7 machine. The thing that hangs on occasion is the updater when not on an Internet connection which that computer will be. We are not even hitting the check for updates button but the updater still fires on occasion.
When going to task manager to stop the updater process, my dmx starts working again.


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