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Played on a Avante system last weekend, and i was suprised that the A15 had to play fullrange when paired with a A15S.

No Low cut output  on A15S, and no Low cut option in the A15 menu.

I was not happy with the sound, since the A15 played down into the frequency of the A15S.

It sounded muddy and undifined in the 60 - 100 Hz range.

I then connected a Driverack PA2 filter to the system, made some adjustments, and the low end sounded much better after that.


Is there going to be an update at anytime soon adressing this point?

Is it even possible to ad a Low cut cross over menu to the software?

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"Hi, i'm solely a lighting support tech, but i forwarded your post to a friend at Avante, and they said there is a crossover in the sub.... whatever that means..."


Then why respond to a audio question?

And your so called friend has not replied either..

The Avante speakers have been returned, and i invested i a Coda system instead.

Hope one day you get this forum working.

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