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Hey Guys,

New user over in the uk, and am having some problems creating the profiles for some of my fixtures...

they are all manufactured under the QTX light brand

Any chance i can maybe get some profiles for these fixtures, as can't seem to find anything in the default dir's/ that come close to matching the values, or if i do, they always seem to be one channel short of full control.. :-(

img's/ manuals are at

and last but probably the most troublesome... ledj Colourburst

also, have been looking for profile of the Kam ParBar MK II

thanks in anticipation of any help.

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Just doing some housekeeping.

Thank you for your participation in the April 2011 Profile Request thread.

For all new profile request threads, please post those into the month/year active request thread that is current as of when you are making your request.

Thank you for your participation!
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