DJing a wedding last night, I setup a scene using my Airstream DMX where my two ADJ Pocket Pro heads would point to the door for the entrance of the bridal party.  Each time I clicked the scene the app crashed. I reopened the app and selected other scenes, no issues. Clicked the “entrance” scene: crash. Rebuilt the scene, saved it into a different file, named it differently, clicked it: crash. 


Please help! 

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Last Saturday my ADJ crashed, didn’t respond at all for over an hour. Tried off/on, power disconnect, WiFi off/on on iPad, second iPad - nothing. “Incorrect password” my iPads responded, when trying to log in.

Okay, over 200 guests in da house, mobile phones, Bluetooth and so on. But set 1 okay, set 2 NO CONNECTION, set 3 YES, CONNECTED AGAIN! No idea why, didn’t change a thing, had given up, thought the device broke down.

 Been searching for days now - and connected a LINKSYS WiFi repeater (to be able to use 5Ghz too...). Up and running flawlessly for over 48 hours now. But I don’t have 200 cellphones to test the stability...


Ken Y. posted:

Did you use a fixture profile from the library or did you make you own profile for the heads? There could be an error in one or the other.

Ken, are you serious? Can the app or device CRASH when there is an error in a fixture profile?!? In my opinion it would only result in “not correctly responding” of light(s) involved.

Hi Trace! Yes and no: I “solved” the problem buying a SECOND Airstream Bridge. The second one never failed me - so far... I’ll return the first one soon (Thomann) and have it “repaired” or replaced for a new one. This way I have a spare WiFi-DMX device. Don’t want the lights NOT to respond ever again, ruining the show...

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