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Well well my friend. I know you need our opinion.

CDN90 are smaller and they've got classic jog. Classic jogs are not that well sensitivce on double-players as on single-players.

Of I were you - I mean I was in THE SAME situation as you - I chose AA.

HEY MAN! I tried both, American Audio has more usable functions.

With AA
- you can scratch more like on vinyl (it got's power-sensitive wheels, bigger and patent pending!)
- 2 scratching modes
- start under 10ms! (if you was electrotechnic-freak you know how that sinus line with 230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz goes)

With ** (hehe, these stars are ***y)
- you got MIDI in/out.. Can't see how usable it can be. For lights? Oh my, friend made his light's to speakers and it works far better
- 3000 Cue Points (AA has 1500). Now notice, you can't ever use them. Unusable thing. Even it would be usable - 1500 is enough.

+ American Audio is more cheap.

And hey, I'm not their dealer or something like that. I cam just common customer.

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