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My apologies if this has been asked before, but I wasn't able to find the answer in my attempts to look it up here...

I've just purchased (2) ADJ DOTZ TPAR systems for use in my band.  We like them alot but I need more control functions than the sound/remote/footswitch offer.  I'd like to get an Operator 384 so I could use 32ch to totally cover the 18ch mode on the DOTZ, but no one seems to have any in stock at the moment.  If I were to buy an Operator 192 and put the DOTZ TPARs in 18ch mode, can I successfully control the first 16ch of the 18ch in the TPAR systems?  I don't have any extra "Light1" or "Light2" devices to power off the TPARs so the last (2) channels I don't care about not having - but I suspect that if the TPAR doesn't see all 18 bytes of data in that mode it will just ignore the whole thing?

Wasn't planning to get an Obey70 for this, but if that is the best 32ch/fixture dmx controller I can afford and get in my hands right at the moment and the DOTZ won't accept less than 18, I may have to go that route for full control of the fixtures?  Any other advice is appreciated, thanks!


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Hi, it'll work on the OP 192, it will just over lap into the next fixture button, make sense?
Each button is a block of 16 DMX channels, so if you have a channel 17, then that is fixture button 2, channel 1.
The key thing for you will be spacing them out so they don't start at say fixture button 2, channel 2. Make sense? you'll have to offset the DMX starting address by prob another 16 channel.

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