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Thank you! I'm have an GigBAR Move issue maybe you can help me with. So I've got my GigBAR Move connected to MyDMX Go via an iPad. When I select the 35 channel mode the 4 small strode lights stay on and the laser does not function. When I try the 17 channel mode the laser and the darby do not function. Help? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

Hi, yes this is what we warn all users about, MyDMX GO at it's heart is a Pan and Tilt and RGB Effects Engine, that's all it is. The Multi FX bars and even normal effects lights are really tricky to control on the app, and don't even get me started on DMX lasers! Hahaha. 
your best option is to pick a mode you like and then go to the channel faders and us them to over ride things for your presets. but at the end of the day, the Gigbar Move or any Gigbar is not ideally suited for the app.   

@Jingles8302 posted:

Hi, there is already a tried and tested gigbar move profile built into the app, have you tried it? find "GigBar Move" in the chauvet folder and try it.

I have not as I’m still in research mode for buying an iPad controller and stumbled onto this from a google search. I appreciate the response and I’m happy there’s a profile already! Are all of the features of the move supported? In previous reply it sounded like it maybe would be too difficult to do. Thank you again for a quick response!

@Nick Scott posted:

It does not work correctly. Frankly, it’s complete trash. I’ve asked and asked. I’ve contacted costumer support twice. They just shrug me off. It’s so terrible that I don’t even use my GigBAR move. Completely wasted $800 because MyDMX Go will not work with it.

Alright so I messed with it last night. So it’s not as intuitive as the app was intended when using it with the Move but you can definitely make some great shows with it.

you need 35 channel mode, to use fixture mode to control and program basically everything but the movers. Then use fixture limitations to force the movers into the area you want them. Once you have something you like them save as a preset to recall it and change on fly

It has had a update but still not good ...... I Would recommend for people to still not buy it for a gigbar move! (I really wish I had of saved my money and time)

I was on YouTube light rider saying that you can send a email and they will make a profile for you this sounds more what I want because the mydmx go  is still rubbish with the gigbar (better control from the remote or foot controls)

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