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Hi, can anyone tell me how to setup the software so that the 3d view does not refresh back to all the fixtures in a block in the roof every time a new fixture is added to the patch please? I have tried all the check box settings singularly and all together but it still does it and its a pain in the butt having to re build the 3d view every time a patch change takes place.

Thanks Dave

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I have also found out how to get the 3Dvis to work on a gaming laptop, took a while but its reasonably stable when in show mode, but i left it in edit mode while I had a meal and when I returned to work on it the software crashed when I moved the mouse... and yes before you ask the laptop was set to never sleep when on mains and the displays both set to never sleep when on mains.

RE your first post: Are you saving the 3D file after each adjustment of 3D object position or once it is all final? And if it is saved, once you place a new fixture they ALL revert back to a line? Even if you re-load the previous saved 3D file?

2nd post: Can you tell me MyDMx 3 version date as well as computer specs and info? windows 10? Mac? Thanks! 

HI, and thanks for the reply the 3d file is saved between fixture adds, should it be? I have tried loads of ways to set up the 3d viewer so it works next time out.

Ok, start up mydmx 3 load show file, then open 3d view ( set to auto load last file.)

all is well, add a new fixture and 3d view reverts to all fixtures in 1 spot.

If I then reload the previous file after the new fixture added, the new fixture is not displayed in 3dview.

Asus ROG STRIX g15 gforce gte 1650Ti Win10 I5 gen10

stable download 18/Jun /2021. 21.618.9469.1451.
No auto load makes no difference, its if you save and shut down then restart the next day and add more fixtures, you have to start a new 3d view file.

Yes I get the 1 shot idea as that is how I worked it yesterday to get my setup done but the vis will not show one of the fixtures properly so might have to go again.... and that will be a pain.  But then the live show will not be a problem if a band turns up with a couple of extra uplighters, the main software is very flexible and I can almost work that like the old desk and add stuff as required.

Thanks for your comments


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