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Hi there,

I had the 14 MXR working great in Virtual DJ but had problems with the Numark V7 platters not playing songs in VDJ.

I decided to format my Macbook Pro HDD & reinstalled the following software back onto my Macbook Pro:
1) Virtual DJ LE (that comes with the MXR 14 install disc)
2) Virtual DJ Pro
3) Serato Itch
4) Numark NS7 audio drivers
5) MidiMonitor

When I open MidiMonitor, it shows a signal coming from the 14 MXR's Midi X-Fader as I move it left to right and back.

When I open config-Sound Setup in Virtual DJ, it shows the 14 MXR & Built in Output as a list of sound devices I can choose from. I currently have Deck 1 & Deck 2 on Built in Output with no configurations pointing to the 14 MXR.

When I open Mappers, I only have keyboard as a list of midi devices, even after redetecting new devices.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I really need to map the x-fader to the video x-fader of Virtual DJ.
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Please ignore the above ... I closed Virtual DJ, disconnected the USB to my Numark V7s, Powered off the mixer and powered back on - reopened Virtual DJ, then selected the 14 MXR as the sound out device - then used simple midi wrapper in VDJ to map my fader.

Click on the + sign to add a device, moved the fader (which mapped to my fader to the key 2-CC31), then clicked on Action Learn button and selected the video x-fader (which gave me the value "video_crossfader")

All works well now!

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