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Not sure if anyone still uses this forum but I'm trying to figure out if there's some trick to creating a Cycle that when chased by MTC (which works fine), actually WORKS 100% of the time!?

If I restart my sequencer to the beginning, there are times when even though the horiz timeline shows the line at the beginning, it just ignores everything until some random time later. If I look at the text list of events, CompuShow is actually NOT chasing back to the beginning and I have to hit space bar or quit and restart to make it work again.

Is there something I'm not doing/setting up right?

The only way I can get it to work properly is I have to stop my sequence, go to the MASTER page and unclick any engages switches, click back into the timeline of the Cycle show, restart sequencer to 0:00 and immediately stop it so CompuShow jumps to the beginning, then hit space bar to engage the selection bar to jump to the top. All this of course with the cycle set to play/MIDI-IN.

Then and only then will it work but isn't there some way to have all that as a default when MTC stops and begins again? It's like the chase data needs to be reset upon restart and it's not. It's just leaving it.


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