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Hi all,

can someone tell me what kind of channels MYDMX Go controlles?

i know that it controlls:
Colors like RGB and Colorwheel colors
Pan & Tilt

What else?

Why i need it?? Right now i am building a fixture for a laserworld laser but whant to use pan tilt for the movement of the laser. Also i used a collarwheel channel to change te color of the laser.

It would be great if there is complete documentation for this. So who can help me?


Original Post

Hi, the GO application will be looking for specific channel from profiles created in the new online profile creator ( my video series linked here:;si=9q9Of6joBLbEb92P )
The app will look for Pan & Tilt, Color wheel, and RGBW or most types of Color mixing systems, It won't look for Warm White and UV on its own, but you can set those up easily.
It can display gobo options but they are NOT stored into Presets, to store them you must manipulate the channel fader in the fixtures section and then store the preset.
It is also important to make the shutter channel and strobe ranges accurate as we need to know where to open the shutter channel and at what value as well as the minimum and maximum strobe value range.

The Smoke is for fog machines, and most cases you can just use the built in generic profile.
That pretty much covers all the functions. Laser are a whole different beast, and you'd have to def. custom make your own profile to get them to fit int othese standard control channels. Have fun!

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