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I'd love to vote but there are only two options; How about expanding the vote to include;

- They are both equal in scratching ability.
- Have only tried one of the two.

You'll get even more diverse feedback if you include;
- I prefer vinyl over CD scratching.
- I prefer a different American Audio model.
- <edit>
- No opinion!

Just my 0.02c worth.

ROQ out.
Roq, c'mon you know better. Although you may just be trying to help him, he came here for an answer. Yes, there are other options, but when companring one to the other, please try to keep to that Wink

<Not trying to sound like a Nazi>Reminder we can only discuss American Audio products here.</Nazi>
If your looking for the best feel out there closest to vinyl, the CDI500 is by far better, even better than CDJs. Skratching on CDIs feel like you have a very good slipmat underneath(Butter/Gutter rugs). And the Touch-sensitivity is very clean like you molded rubber on your fingertips!
Ok Stevie I was trying to give an UN-Biased opinion here, the question in the poll is unfair because IMHO they are both equal in scratching ability in terms of feel and accuracy basically because they both have the same engine.

Everyone has different techniques when it comes to scratching, for me I need a bigger platter and accurate display/marker to see what I'm doing. Unfortunately both PS2 and CDI do not have these critical features and having owned a pair of PS2s I quickly realised their shortcomings and that is they have not contributed at all to my scratching learning abilities.

The PS2/CDI methodology assumes the user doesn't need visual markers to scratch and therefore relies on only two senses; hearing and touch. For me I need three senses; hearing, touch and visual.

Yes I know the CDI has that "cute" visual rotational display but that is all it is - cute.

That's all! Remember this is just my own and personal experience, everyone has their own style and approach to scratching.

ROQ out.
Umm Roq,
The CDI does have a larger jog wheel. It also has a visual track indicator, and it is more than cute, it is actually just as accurate as the other "visual indicator" you are hinting towards. Those are great decks as well, but remember ADJ pays for this forum, so of course we can't promote them Smiler just as you can't mention AA products on their forums. The jog wheel also spins much smoother, so yes there is a difference.
So long as we can all agree to disagree. Big Grin

Between just those two, it's a tough call. Call me nutty, but I kinda liked the PS2 platter better. But the 500 has better effects. But I like where the PS2 Play/Cue buttons are. But the 500 has the visual cue. But the PS2 has a Bop button....this could go on all night...

Best bet is to try out each model yourself. Sage advice that gets handed down generation to generation. Everyone has a different style, likes a different feel, has different needs. Get your hands on some decks and give it a spin. You'll quickly find out what works for you and what doesn't.

Me, I'll take a Fisher-Price My First DJ kit over anything and rock it like a bull llama.
Sorry Stevie I didn't want to start splitting hairs on who has the better platter or visual display. Once again, in my humble opinion and for my application and intended use there are huge differences and that means a lot to ---> me <---

Bill nails it again...Hoop-Playa get out there and try other manufacturers' decks including all AA decks and form your own opinion.

What you ultimately decide to purchase will depend on how you intend on using them. American Audio decks offer good bang-for-buck value but choose wisely and consider your long-term goals of what you want to get out of them before handing over the cash.

I can say with confidence, especially in CD decks, is that you get what you pay for, the more expensive the deck, the more sofisticated it is therefore the more you'll get out of them in the long run. The End.

ROQ out.

PS. FYI Stevie not once did I mention another manufacturers model or name in this thread. Hint at, yes, but no names were dropped on my part.
I know what you mean. No hard feelings. And I never said the platter was better than XYZ competitors. I said the CDI IMO has a better platter than the PS2. You said they are the same in feel, when they really are different. Although the differences may be minor, theCDI has a better feel to me over the PS2's. And I have had them both for a long time, and compared them side by side. I was also pointing out that he asked for an A to B comparison. Roq I will be one of the first to recommend trying out all products that fit your needs and price point, then deciding for yourself which is the best for you. As many here know I do own some CD decks, among other things by quite a few different manufacturers, and each unit has it's pluses. But in the end as you eloquently pointed out, it is up to each individual users preference.....

friends? Smiler
No hard feelings, I just hope whoever reads this thread understands that even though American Audio sponsor the forum, we can't ignore the fact that American Audio aren't the only company that make quality cd decks out there and that the try-before-you-buy response is the ONLY answer anyone can give on any deck.

I got the CDI 500! I liked the extra size in the jog wheel over the ps2 which made up my mind. And i got it the same price and the ps2, which is great. But 1 question, what does the 'skid' effect do. when i activate it nothing happens tho the sound or anything, what it do??

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