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I rechecked the Traktor version and it is 1.2.7(though it is the demo if that makes a difference)i was going to buy it if i got it working

and my meaning on "does not work very well" is that alot of the buttons do nothing or something very different then in VDJ trial.
I am sure this could be solved if i knew how to make my own map? are there any guides on doing your own mapping?
ok... since the writing on the vms is adjusted for vdj, not all controls on the vms can be mapped in traktor exactly as the writing says on the unit.

i made a mapping that you can download and try here:
there's a pdf in it that explains how i mapped the controls.

of course you can adjust in traktor everything to your likings, the possibilities are endless and powerful (usability of the mapping window, however, is the downside).

if you're interested there are tutorials out there on youtube etc.
Hello DJ Freshfluke,

Have you used the traktor S4 software yet with the vms4 ? Theres a way to get it working which i have and the instructions are on the tracktorbible website. I was just wondering if you would be able to make a mapping incorporating the new sample feature with the S4 software ? That would be wicked ! because its defenitly got some good new features that traktor 1.2.7 doesnt and im not good at mapping so i have just been using the mouse to load the samples and play them. So if you could do a mapping I would really appreciate it

DJ Alty
i dont see this on the traktorbible website (link?) and i somehow doubt that bypassing the s4 hardware is legal.

therefore i wont do anything in that direction.

anyways, the next traktor update will have the s4's sample function as well as stated on the s4 FAQs on the NI website, so using the vms with traktor's sample function will be available soon (no release date yet).

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