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VMS4 is currently in production at our factory in China. American Audio USA will begin receiving it's first shipment the last week of July. American Audio Europe should receive their first shipment the first week of August.

It takes a lot of time to develop something like this when you also rely on all the 3rd party software companies to test the gear and supply midi command files. We're just doing things the right way!
why CHina? I realize that it makes it more affordable for everyone, but i'm not so shure about the quality!
companies overthere just want to push the product out $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
they care not about the quality or wheter or not it will still be working within a year from now.
yeah quite dissapointing. im cancelling my pre-order. been waiting way too long. now the delivery looks like near the end of august at the two online shops i found in holland (living in belgium, but they dont have any mention of selling it here so far) who knows maybe some other controllers also comes out soon, might as well wait and see.
Hello, i choose to spend some holidays in california to be sure to get one on time... now i'm here since 21 july.... it will be hard, long and expensive to get one when back in tahiti...please can somebody help me to get one before 5 august when i'll leave us ? as i was said that they will arrive in the first week of august
I don't do lighting venues as of right now. I don't have any gear. Lol. Unless you want a show with 2 elation tri LED bricks. Haha.
Gravy I know our UK warehouse gets their shipment in august aswell. BrianADJ has posted this info in the thread if you care to look back and check. Also I cannot answer your question about this unit as I am not a DJ. I am a lighting mod/employee.

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