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Anyone have a problem with the velocity not knowing there is a cd in the drive? I put a factory pressed cd in and after 20 seconds the display reads no disc. I contacted technical support and I have to ship it to them. I am going to second day air it. Anyone know how their turn-around is?

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If you sent it to them second day air. Once the repair is complete they will second day it back. I have had an intermittent similar problem with my PS2's. I usually just need to reboot the PS2 and that seems to fix it. I mostly notice this problem if the CD's were out in the cold, and have a cloudy frost on them. Breathing on them works for that.
I have to commend the service department on what a great job they did on my Velocity. It all starts with the lightning fast turn-around. I was absolutly shocked when I seen my Velocity was at my house today (Mon.) 12-22-03. I sent it second day air to ADJ late on Wed. 12-17-03. I got it back in my rack and it plays flawless. Again GREAT JOB ADJ keep up the great work.
Now if I could only win something from support Roll Eyes

P.S. I don't know if Stevie Ray had anything to do with it but he must have some juice Smiler

What'z good!
Hey, I have been having problems with the buttons on my velocity unit sticking, and the unit either playing with static or saying that there is no cd when there is a cd inserted.

Has anyone had their units repaired for these type of problems? I am about to fed ex my unit off from Bermuda and hoping to have it back before halloween gigs start on 28th of Oct?

Originally posted by DJ Stevie Ray:
[qb] CJ, I only have the number for North America. I'll see if I can find the proper contact for your area. [/qb]
That can work i dnt mind calling the US am doin this for a friend he justwanted me to get the number so that he can call them but the main problem with his cd player is that it says no disk an when it do read a cd it plays with static for a few sec then stops playin

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