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This Mp3 player does not have a user preset like the manual says it does. I will be returning mine tomorrow. Talked to tech support and the guy was clueless, had no info except to say his was doing what mine was doing. Have had it with American DJ -Audio products as they only care about the sale and that's it. Have a Pro mix Mp3
controller also that they care nothing about. No wonder DJ Skratch Left them , They suck
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Hey trout,
I am trying to follow what you are saying, but I am confused. What presets were you speaking of.
2) Who is DJ Skratch?
3) The pro-mix has been discontinued years ago, so I don't think it's that "they don't care" I think that there are no more under warranty. And AA has moved on to different products.

PS. you are entitiled to your opinions, but it is a little direspectful to post "they suck" on a web site payed for by the person you are slandering. That would be like you inviting me over to dinner, and me telling me your cooking sucked in your own home.
OK.. Let me clarify myself. DJ Skilz. The velocity MP3 has no user presets. For $800 I think they should offer everything as claimed, OK. I also have a pro mix controller and they no longer support it. This unit is far better then anything on the market then, and now. Why they would not keep on top of their products, I don't know!! It appears to me like they only are concerned about the sale and nothing else. I am tired of paying for these products and not receiving support. I gave the velocity MP3 a last chance because my pro mix controller is obsolete, OK can you dig. Will be spending my dollars elswhere from now on. PS. Spreading the word on the Velocity MP3 Deficiency on any comment section, like and other such websites. Thank You
1st, can you tell me in a PM who you spoke to at ADJ who couldn't help, and maybe I can find someone who can help answer all of your questions.
2nd, I am personally sorry you were not happy with your gear choices. I own allot of gear from many other MAJOR manufacturers, and I can also say that some of the equipment has fallen short of what I expected as well. But I don't go to their forums and tell them I am going to trash their products around the web. I don't know you personally and you are probably a good guy, just realize I do try to help people when they need it, and I am offering whatever assistance I can. Please, take my offer, and let me see what I can do to help you.
Wow, I have been out of town for a the last 2 weeks and just read this. Let me clear something up.

As for the Promix, it was ahead of it's time. We did discontinue it due to limited expandabilty on the software side and our software partner was unable to take it to the next level. Didn't another DJ supplier discontinue theirs about the same time? I agree that our controller, by far, was the best.

As far as the Velocity, I can only assume that you mean the presets with the effects. Is this correct. If so, you we did, we replaced the user presets with presets and that are beat matched with time signatures to the music, quarter beats, half beats etc. This is what most people we doing anyway. Also a user preset were only good for that song and a few songs. This is much easier and lets you syncs automatically to whatever you are playing. We still believe this is the best thing to do.

You can save tons of cue points

What units at $800.00 can you to save presets?.Have a great scratch wheel, slot drive, advanced track search and launch and tons of effects? I don't what you are comparing ours too?

As far as trashing out unit on websites ect. That user ends up making the unhappy posters look foolish and that they do not know what they are talking about.

OK if you press P.S.P the display should be the user preset bank, in which you should be able to save your own parameter times and ratios. This is stated in the manual on page 31 . This does not exist,it immedietly goes to beat 1/4. (I called tech support (don't recall the guys name)and explained the problems I was having. He was apparently messing with his unit and stated to me that his was doing the same thing. He said just keep messing with it. Great customer sevice experience) This is very important to me as I don't need the over exxagerated effects settings that come preset with the unit. The parameter time/ratio take to long to get the effects the way I want them. You have to spin for days. Then they will only be this way as long as power is on. When powered off they reset to defaults. That's why this user preset is so important. Just a few observations and experiences with American DJ/Audio innovative and top of the line products.
Hi DJ Trout

I did check out the issue and this unit does not have this feature. The owners manual has been corrected. I also called you and spoke about this shortly after you first post. I let you know that we probably would not be adding this. The feature is having one user effect memory. For most DJ's all the other features and upgrades to this extemely popular and easy to use unit will out weight not having this one user memory.

I don't know what the choices are $799.99 MAP that have the same type of scratch wheel with tough sensitivity, effects, sampling, a 4 space controller, slot load, MP3 capability, advance track search and advance track launch.

I know one unit that come close, but has a little peice of floating plastic on a platter that does not rotate that you are suppose to use for scratching.

Call or email me if you would like to discuss this further.


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