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Just wanted to say that I was running 2 v-3000 amps in bridged mode to 2 Peavey 18 in subs or 2 B-52 Dual 15s and blew 2 18s and 3 15s. Now that I sold them and got 2 *** RMX series, they do just fine. Ive used them longer and pushed them harder, not to mention they sound much better. The AMDJs were heavy, hot and didn't look good, had no features. I regret buying AMDJ audio products.
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Have you even discussed this matter with one of the American DJ sales reps before going on a rampage? I could understand why you got upset, but there are people that work hard in the office that are ready to help you fix whatever problem you had with your speakers, and your AMPS. Your rude remarks doesn't fix the situation, and it sure doesn't help you either.

Have you concidered that you might of misused the American DJ Amp?

Did you read the Manual of what to do, and what NOT to do?

Did you know that you have a 2 year warranty on all American Dj Prouducts if something where to go wrong?

Once again, I could understand you being upset, but there was really no need for the rude remarks over this matter. You could have given American Dj the chance to help you but you didn't. And for you to say that you Regret buying American Audio products doesn't speak for all of there products just because you had an unfortunate event with 1 product line.

Sorry for what happend to you and i am glad that your now happy with your choice.

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