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Right now the MyDMX Go app uses only RGB led's to make all of the colors. But I have bought Hex-ledpar also for using the UV-White- Amber colour. When I use the app I have to set these colors manualy (with the fixture-fader) but then they are always "on" ... So my question is if there is a solution for this so that when I want to make a colour like "Hot Pink" or a "Pastel-colour" that the UV-amber-white led is put on automatically , or will there be an update of the app soon? 


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Hi the app should actually work with RGBW fixtures in the effects for sure. I know that amber, UV are kind of left out of the party, but there is almost no color effects engine or color picker that exist in the entire lighting industry today that can use Amber and UV in its picker. so its not just an mydmx GO problem, it is lighting industry wide.  We are looking into this, but have no ETA or if anything is possible. 

Also if you set a fader level and record the preset the colors should come back on, and if you tap a preset that doesn't use those channels those channels should also revert to 0 if they are unused. If not be sure you are using the latest android update, and the iOS was last updated in Dec of 2018.  

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