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Hi all. While I have gotten a lot of good general help with programming my moving head lights and even some examples of other people's work, I am still struggling getting my particular setup to operate well with the moving heads.

On the top I have 4 ADJ Inno Pocket Spots mounted horizontally so that they can swing in all directions. On the bottom I have 4 ADJ Inno Pocket Wash lights hung vertically upside down.

I have tried to copy examples for my lights but have not had much luck in creating anything good looking, Either it points at me blinding me or it points up and never hits my audience/dance floor.

I have attached a picture of my lighting setup as a guide. Incidentally the component in the very middle is a KVANT laser which is absolutely unbelievable (3 watt). Of course you have to be willing to drop around $4K to get one but believe me audiences go nuts when they see what it can do. This is not prosumer stuff, it's concert grade. But I digress.

If anyone owns these type of ADJ lights or just understand it all enough to give me more help I sure would appreciate it. And in fact if anyone lives in the SF Bay Area and has good knowledge and a willingness, I would be willing to pay for some onsite training.

Your help is greatly appreciated. These moving head lights are great but they are really frustrating me. All of my other lighting components are programmed well.



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