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As many of you know, I am using MyDMX in a sort of strange case situation. If it should fail, it should fail on my system. I'm running a 17" Early 2008 17" MacBook Pro. I've been running BootCamp. I've also upgraded from Windows XP Home to Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Some things I'm nothing TONIGHT because I did some testing. Don't ask me how difficult it is to do testing around here, but let's just say I'm in a house full of clueless people who exist in a fog that surrounds their heads and blocks out the fact that other people exist and leave it at that.

I'm noticing more devices working now.

1: My Akai LPK25 does now work with MyDMX, at least in Win 7. This is a change.
2: My M-Audio MIDISPORT 2X2 Anniversary Edition works as well. As a result I was able to use my JL Cooper CS102(the real thing).

My Korg Nano controllers continue to work. My Novation Launchpad works. My M-Audio Firewire 410(it has MIDI IO) works, and again, used a real JL Cooper CS102 as my test device and it worked.

The only thing I can say is that I don't know if it's because of Windows 7 or the September 2010 release or some combination of both is at the root of these improvements. Since I'm not running XP on this machine, I'd have to go to a pair of other machines that run XP Pro to see how they would do, and right now I'm not taking the time.

The only problem I ran into was a MIDI interface priority issue at the beginning of my testing this evening. The Firewire 410 was interfering with the MIDISPORT 2X2 interfaces. I unplugged the Firewire 410 and then tested in a more controlled environment. So, while MyDMX needs some help still, maybe there has been some progress made. Still, the only way you're going to use more than one device is to use a MIDI interface and use true MIDI devices behind it.

Other good news is that this may open up more possible controller devices for MyDMX. Unfortunately, I can't test everything out there for you. Unless you bring it by or help me buy it or I'm gonna buy it on my own, sorry, there's only so much I can do.

So, I think when we post that something works, we need to clarify things as specifically as we can. We need the OS, as well as 32 or 64 bit information. We need the driver revision of the hardware driver for the hardware. We need the make and model of the controller. We also need to know how it interfaces(or if it's an interface). We also need to know what version of MyDMX is being used.

If we can do this, we may be able to compile a usable database. It will never be complete, but we can try.
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Looks neat, but if I'm gonna use it, I need to add a keyboard and mouse, and if I'm gonna do that it defeats the purpose of a laptop! But that's knowing how I work.

Without knowing more about this, let me say a few things:

MyDMX, expecially for programming, works best with 2 displays. Compu Show really needs display real estate. For MyDMX and running shows, I think the touch surface will be a real nice feature for folks to take advantage of. Other people have reported using MyDMX with touch panels and no problems.

How well would it work with MyDMX? Hard to say. It should work fairly well, but not sure about all that full touch integration. If someone were to send me an evaluation unit I'd give it a thorough checking out.

Right now though, I haven't seen this before. I'm looking specicifally at a netbook to be my back-up lighting controller(or maybe primary). The small size and price tag appeals to me, and with the application being limited to only a few specific tasks, the chances for driver conflicts will be rare. ALso, since this won't be a general purpose machine, it won't have the usual complement of applications installed on it. I'd like to get a second MacBook Pro, but Apple's costs are reasonable, and even on the used market, people don't seem to get that they aren't going to get 3/4 of new retail for a 2 year old machine(try 30% of you're lucky!).
I am an IT guy, and it's shameful the amount of processes that Microsoft lets run on their OS for no valid reasons. It's like "Intel giveth(in speed) and Microsoft taken away".

My 1Ghz Linux box smokes most of my other machines. No crap going on there without justification. It runs my web site and is rock solid!

One of my first things after getting whatever I need into a computer is to "harden it" by chucking anything I don't need. These netbooks will definately get that treatment, especially since I'm going to try to cram a solid state hard drive into it.

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