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I've been crash coursing the software for the past few days and I understand most of it.  However, when I discovered Snapshots, I thought it was a feature I needed, but since it only creates a new scene with properties of all active scenes with just the 1 step, it's not what I need.  I am looking to the following:

1 - be able to activate multiple scenes (all in different groups) via 1 parent/master scene.

2 - Have the master scenes triggered via midi from a foot controller.

I'm trying to have a hands free situation since I am playing bass, singing backups, running sound all at once.  I have a Ground Control midi pedal that I will use to run the show.

I have tried a few different things like the Snapshot, but as mentioned above, its not all steps from the various scenes.   I also tried programming custom buttons on the show page which I can indeed create macro style buttons via multiple associations, but there is no option for midi control of Show Page UI devices. 

The only other way I can think of doing this (which I really would like to avoid) is the laborious process of programming 8 midi channels per button with different midi data numbers as a matrix and then setup groups according to my midi channels.

Please tell me there is another way like a macro or some feature I have not found?  Right now I have 11 groups and about 60 scenes throughout programmed for layering to give the most amount of combinations. That would be hours of work!Screenshot 2022-10-14 09.25.05


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