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Hello everyone! It's a pleasure to be on this forum and to be able to help each other as a community.
I am trying to see why the colour wheel does not work with my:
8 eye laser of the brand SHEDHS and also with my moving heads of 60w of the brand Audibax.
What are effects etc if I can manage them well.
Could anyone help? maybe a library update is needed?
Thank you all very much!

All the best,


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Hello, so more than likely when we received the DMX chart for those fixtures we either did get color values or we had unnamed colors in the manual, so we need clear and concise information when it comes to color wheels if you want the fixture to work 100% with MyDMX 2.0 GO or even the WMX1.
And lasers do not work well on the GO, the go is basically designed for moving heads and color mixing wash lights like par cans and uplights etc.

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