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I have my dmx go set up with my fixture a equinox gyrocopter light.light has been set to dmx address one and channel 20 

when all switched on the light stays still I have connected it to the dmx go interface and opened the app on the iPad.the interface is showing in the app and the device shows l1

i can move the various sliders in the settings and the light moves and changes colour when I press stop or try any thing on live mode the light does not respond 

can any tell me if I am missing something before I throw this in the bin 

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Hello DJSMILER, when using the MYDMX Go app you want to mainly use the live mode instead of making adjustments on the Fixture page as that will overwrite any of the presets.

If you go back to the Fixture page and reset the faders it will allow the live mode to control the different options of the light. To reset the faders all you have to do is select them and press the circle above each fader.

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