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How about this "Billy D", quote: Please post a question ONLY if you care to participate in a FORUM!
Your question makes little sense and I was only trying to understand what "unit" you were asking about. I own a Show Designer and would be interested in any new equipment/device made for the Show Designer too. Pardon us for disturbing your sacred post.

Oh yeah, Thanx
The Show Designer Disk Drive is a single space rack mount unit that connects to the Show Designer or Show Designer 1 to provide a 3.5" floppy disk and PC keyboard interface. The floppy disk can be used to back up the memory or to install software updates. The keyboard input allows you to input text when programming things like scene names. There is also a connector for a trackball that allows you to keep using the trackball when the connect on the lighting controller is used to connect the disk drive unit. There is also a MIDI in and out which can be used to connect to other lighting products that use MIDI as a means to back up memory.


Single Space 19" Rack Mount
Uses 3.5" 1.44MB Floppy Disks
Disk Data Is DOS Compatible

External 9v Power Supply (included)
9 Pin Connector To Show Designer Using Null Modem Cable (included)
9 Pin Connector To Mouse Or Trackball (MS or Logitech Serial)
6 Pin Mini Din PS-2 Connector To Keyboard

MAP Price is $249.99- Available Now

thats what I hear. now i want more info on this.

sorry did not mean to sound rude
Billy D.

Thats pretty good. You pretty much nailed it. Although you forgot the 5 pin MIDI IN and 5 pin MIDI out under the connectors. The intention of these connectors is to be able to back up other controllers which use MIDI ports for back up.

The unit will not be available for another 45-60 days. So currently no one has it in stock.
This unit makes backing up shows and sharing shows much easier.

Also it will be introduced under the LSC name.


John Lopez
Five pin XLR connector started out as the official connector for DMX, the three pin XLR connector has always been the standard in the U.S.A. and is quickly becoming the the most popular everywhere.

Both connectors do the same thing. Pin 1 = ground, pin 2 = negative signal, pin 3 = positive signal. On five pin XLR connectors, pin # 4 and #5 are usually not used.

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